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Are you struggling in your relationship with your partner?
Is your partner unwilling or hesitant to come to Coaching or Therapy with you?

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How to Develop the Habit of Deeper, More Authentic Connection With Your Partner

Empathic women are particularly sensitive to relationships in that they tend to be highly emotionally-oriented and often live primarily through their “feeling” senses. These gifts are not recognized within a culture that is performance-oriented, and very driven.


  “The roots of resilience….are to be found in the sense of being understood by and existing in the mind and heart of a loving, attuned and self-possessed other.” Diana Fosha, PhD, developer of AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy).

Highly sensitive women have immense talents and gifts to share, but their confidence can erode when their specific ways of being in the world, strengths and gifts are not acknowledged, supported and understood.

Approaches to improvement and healing which focus on changing your communication alone often fail because they don’t address the different ways each partner might seek connection.

I’m passionate about helping women use their whole selves to reconnect in their relationships so that they don’t feel compromised, they can give generously, all while feeling supported.  

In my practice I encounter empathic women who are silently suffering in their most important relationship. They want things to change, improve, but they can’t get their partner to seek the help they feel they need. If this is you, you may feel stuck, alone, unheard.

Continuing with the status quo can erode your confidence over time. 

I know how painful it can be when the connection in your relationship is frayed, weak or when antagonism takes over from love and intimacy. You no longer feel like you’re a team with your partner.  

In this 12-week program

you'll discover how to:


  • No longer feel that you're lost in the relationship
  • Connect with your own inner compass, regain a sense of self and your self-confidence
  • Feel closer to your partner after an argument instead of further apart
  • Be with your partner in a more happy, tender, intimate and mutually supportive relationship

Jennifer Molleur, RN, Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist and Mother of Two

“Working with Gabrielle helped me move forward and face the challenges that were keeping me stuck. Mostly, I gained the confidence and clarity I was seeking at the time. I really enjoyed the nurturing and caring support I received through the process. I loved the sense of connection I felt with the group during our online sessions and the on-going support that was provided for the duration of the course.”

I am filled with appreciation for how quickly and concretely Gabrielle was able to support and help me."

"Gabrielle's passion for helping women to 'honour their sensitivity and bring their gifts into the world' is just beautiful and quite unique. What is more, she's developed the perfect skills to do just that." Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D., Oral historian and Video-biographer, Founder, Big Tree Life Stories

This is for you if…


  • You’ve tried everything else (therapy, personal development, self-help books) and you’re ready for something new that moves you ahead towards greater self-love and a healed relationship.
  • You’re not sure how, but you’re willing to put in the effort and invest some time in learning a new way. 
  • You’re resentful and bitter, you want to feel more appreciated in your relationship and you’re ready to make some changes that will have a positive impact on how you are with your partner.
  • You’re tired of being dismissed and told that you’re over-emotional and too sensitive. You're done feeling that there’s something wrong with you.
  • You’re ready to come from a place of strength and empowerment to transform your relationship. 

Just Imagine...

Just imagine your life in 12 weeks, after you’ve taken the dive into the Empowered Empath Program. You’re having pleasurable and fun moments with your significant other. You’re feeling supported, loved and hopeful about your future together. You’re able to express yourself, set boundaries, ask for what you need in your relationship and you’re feeling empowered and engaged with your partner.

Just imagine that your life and relationship have changed. The experience of feeling stuck, alone and hopeless is now behind you.

A difficult relationship is taxing, and can drain the life right out of you. 

Think about it. The quality of your significant relationship(s) impacts your whole life: your health, your confidence, your  finances, personal happiness, your family. Your stress levels go through the roof.

With a healthy and happy relationship, you can feel less burdened and more supported, and you will likely have much more energy to focus on your projects, your career, your children and yourself.  

Some of the benefits that often come with healthier relationships are: 

  • A happier family and children
  • Less stress and better health
  • Feeling more fulfilled and on purpose
  • Healthier finances

What’s included:

  • 12 weeks of teaching modules. These include video lessons and worksheets, tools and practice videos and audios to help you anchor in the changes. 
  • 12 group coaching calls where you can ask questions and get targeted personal feedback on your situation. 
  • A safe and non-judgmental community of  like-minded women, who will support you on your journey towards healing. 


Pillar 1: Learn to Recognize Your Power 

This is where you learn to know where you are empowered and have agency and where you don’t. It all starts with learning to honour and love yourself. In practicing self-compassion and receiving feedback from the group, you’ll naturally begin to approach your relationship from a more empowered stance. 

Pillar 2: Nervous System Healing

We’ll talk about what happens in your nervous system when you feel unsafe, unheard, disconnected, or when your wounds are triggered. You’ll learn practices that you can use every day so that you can start to heal the imprint left on the nervous system. 

Pillar 3: Pinpoint Your Relational Dance and Turn Bad Patterns Around

The way you engage in your relationship, day in and day out, is based on long-established habits and patterns, actions, reactions, triggers and hurts. We’ll be diving deep to understand your particular relational dance and how you can start to initiate change in a fun and dynamic way (without feeling it’s always up to you). 

Pillar 4: Heal the Core Relationship Wounds

Now, we’re ready to dive even deeper into understanding and healing some of the deeper relationship wounds (from your current relationship, past relationships or perhaps even from your family of origin).

Pillar 5: Relationship Practices that Invite Change: Invite your partner to step up and re-ignite the connection

We’ll be learning (and role-playing) specific relationship skills that you can start implementing right away that will invite your partner to respond differently (in a more fun and positive way) to you. 

Pillar 6: Writing your new story 

Now that you’ve been on this journey of transformation, you’re going to review your initial story (the one you sought to transform) and you’re going to write your new story. The surprises and delight that comes from this experience is always incredible to witness!

BONUS Workshop with Terrie Silverman - Writing the Story that you Want to Transform. 

Throughout this course you’ll be transforming your fundamental story, the story you tell yourself about yourself about the world and about you and your partner. With Terrie’s support and guidance, you will write your origin story and share with the group. By the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to re-write that story. 

Terrie Silverman, MFA, is a Writer, Storyteller, Story Coach and founder of Creative Rites Workshops & Coaching. 

She’s guided thousands of aspiring and professional writers, actors and creatives, as well as moms, business professionals, coaches and entrepreneurs to uncover their story gold. 

Terrie is a story advocate because stories are the way we understand ourselves, each other and the world.

She loves helping people release the critic, access their authentic voice and experience truly being seen, heard and championed through their stories.  

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Click on the link to set up a time to chat with Gabrielle. Together, we'll determine if the Program is a good fit for you. 

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I appreciated Gabrielle’s warmth, intelligence, stillness and feminine power."  

“I loved Gabrielle’s vision that it’s possible for me to live in a way that is truly connected to who I am and to my true purpose. Because she has connected with her own purpose she is able to inspire and guide people in the direction of finding their own. I appreciated Gabrielle’s warmth, intelligence, stillness and feminine power. The depth of caring and her ability to allow me to be my entire self in our time together permitted me to feel safe when releasing some powerful emotions and to be witnessed in those feelings. This was a powerful experience.” Sarah Elliot

"The result was immediate and empowering.  The guided visual meditations and one-on-one sessions enabled me to unlock the closed doors that were holding me back."  "Gabrielle’s genuine, compassionate and skillful coaching led me to greater understanding of the personal issues that were keeping me away from attaining my goal. She created a safe space which gave me the trust I needed to be able to share deep seated concerns and issues. The result was immediate and empowering.Barb Horwood Elliot, Writer

Gabrielle Taylor, MA, Psychotherapist/Relational Life Therapy Expert 

Hi there, I’m Gabrielle and if you’re an empath struggling in your relationship, I’m pleased to be able to help. 

As a Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, I’ve been helping couples (over the last 15 years) to navigate challenges, to cultivate closeness and connection, and to repair the rifts and ruptures that inevitably arise in their relationships. An empath myself, I draw upon my own experience, as well as evidence-based research and in-depth training to help you get to the other side of feeling stuck, alone and frustrated, so that you can once again experience intimacy, tenderness and build true partnership and love in your relationship. 

As a young adult, I trained as an artist and thought that would be my path in my life. As things unfolded, life took me in a different direction. However, my passion for art continues to be a central part of my life and I incorporate creative arts into my healing work with clients.  


Is the investment for these 12 weeks to work on making significant changes in your relationship, worth it?

Compare this to:
  • 12 weeks (or years) of intensive therapy
  • Trying course after course, strategy after strategy that don’t work and leave you feeling more and more hopeless
  • 12 weeks of doing nothing

 The investment is a drop in the bucket to get the results of a happy relationship.

Leaving your relationship in a bad way can lead to divorce, lots of suffering, your children's suffering and unhappiness, the erosion of your relationship and love.

Leaving the problem without attending to it, costs money, your precious life, and things only get worse with time. 


There cannot be reward without risk. I’ve witnessed, time and again, when my clients commit and show up to create positive change in their lives and relationships, they see results. 

I stand behind my work and my programs. When you enroll, take all the action steps presented over the course of the program, show up for the calls and implement the strategies I teach – and for some reason it isn’t working for you – I invite you to reach out to me. I will schedule a one on one call, at no extra charge, to orient you in a direction that supports you.

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Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes.


I get it. When it feels like you've hit your limit, you've tried everything, you don't want to leave, but you don't see a way forward in the relationship.

Leaving your relationship when that's not what you really want can lead to a lot of suffering and deep unhappiness for you and your family. 

Staying in an unhealthy or even toxic relationship can be equally bad for you and your family.

The problem is that we don't know what we don't know. Sometimes, people feel like they're trying everything, but they don't realize that they're doing a form of the same response over and over again. 

Leaving the problem without attending to it is a costly option. It creates stress and dis-ease. Not only does it cost money, your precious life is going by. Things don't get better with time. They only get worse with time.

I'm inviting you to take this step, to learn a new way forward towards a happier and healthier relationship. 

A single action-step taken from this course could change your entire life.

The choice is yours:

  • Either you say you're done and quit
  • Or, keep doing what you're doing
  • Or, you get skills to make things better

What if I discover that I need to leave my relationship?


If that is the case, then this program will help you to be more empowered and you'll make that decision from a place of clarity, strength and resolve. You'll also have the tools to attract a healthy and mutually supportive relationship in the future. 

You need not suffer alone or in silence. 

Don't underestimate the power of a group of supportive women in a guided and focused program. With the support of a community, you will discover new strengths within yourself and you will advance towards your goal of healing and transforming your relationship in leaps and bounds.  

I help women to improve their relationships without having to drag their partner into therapy.

I’m extremely passionate about finding solutions that work.

I make it simple. I’m approachable.
I’m authentic. I’ve done the research.