Don’t go the journey alone. Let me guide you
to lead powerfully from the inside out.



Look at What Others Are Saying…

Working with Gabrielle gave me the courage, confidence and feeling of safety to start believing in the possibility of offering my work to the world. I recently accepted two opportunities to speak and I felt that I spoke from a place of power and had something valuable to share. I felt... read more

Kerry Bray, Healer, Transformative Coach

Gabrielle's passion for helping women to 'honour their sensitivity and bring their gifts into the world' is just beautiful and quite unique. What is more, she's developed... read more

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D., Oral historian and Video-biographer, Founder, Big Tree Life Stories

It was as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I was now free to move in a direction that was more in line with my values and my personal goals. I had faith in myself and my inherent abilities... read more

Barb Horwood Elliot