Are you an empath or highly sensitive person?

Hi, I’m Gabrielle.


I help you and your partner learn how to love - and be loved - better. I'll teach you how to honour and celebrate your differences so that you can thrive and be happy in your partnership.

You might be experiencing something like the following:

  • You feel like you’re making all the efforts to repair and fix or fill-in the emotional gaps between you and don’t get any recognition for all that hard work.

  • You often feel disappointed, misunderstood and judged for your sensitivity, your feelings, and reactions.

  • You feel like you’re in a stalemate or repeated conflict with no way to go forward that leaves you feeling empty and disheartened.

  • You feel alone, disconnected (even if you love your partner and they love you).

  • You feel like you easily get lost in the relationship and if you do voice your feelings or needs, it’ll create an argument or you’ll be seen as overdramatic.


Do you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. When there’s ongoing disconnection and lack of repair, you might feel like you’re facing the following dilemma…

Either settle for a relationship that lacks the depth and emotional connection you crave and desire or stand up, speak your mind and strike out on your own.

I’m going to teach you how to stay in your relationship, fully embrace your gifts and celebrate you and your partner’s differences.



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About Gabrielle


Are you struggling in your relationship, and would like to move to a better place with your partner? I’m pleased to be able to help. 

As a Psychotherapist and Coach, I’ve been helping couples for over 15 years to navigate challenges, cultivate closeness and connection, and repair the rifts and ruptures that inevitably arise in their relationships. I draw upon my own experience, as well as research and in-depth training to help you get to the other side of feeling stuck, alone and frustrated, so that you can once again experience intimacy, tenderness and build true partnership and love in your relationship. 

Licensed Psychotherapist in Quebec and Ontario.

M.A., Counselling

Certified in Relational Life Therapy (2021)

Diploma in Family and Couples Therapy

Diploma in Drama Therapy

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