Don’t go the journey alone. Let me guide you
to lead powerfully from the inside out.

I offer Transformational Coaching for Sensitive Soul Leaders (artists, coaches, healers, female entrepreneurs and visionary leaders) who are ready to overcome overwhelm and burnout, and take action to achieve clarity of purpose, finally go after their dreams and fulfill their soul’s calling.

My transformational coaching is for you, if:

    • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, like there is no way forward through your current challenges and that things are getting too intense and difficult for you to deal with.
    • You’re fed up with holding on to “false” stories about yourself. (I’m not good enough therefore I have to try to be perfect; I’m selfish if I focus on myself, good things are not meant for me; I am only okay when I’m working myself to the bone).
    • You believe that you’re being called to transform into a more empowered version of yourself.
    • You know you need to be more visible but feel uncomfortable or freeze up when you put yourself out in public view.
    • You find yourself self-sabotaging your progress or success; unconsciously saying no to clients or important projects; underperforming, undervaluing yourself or conversely getting stuck in perfectionism.
    • You sometimes wonder whether you are cut out to bring forth your project or to run a business, and that you’re never going to make it no matter how hard you try.
    • You know the steps you need to take to move forward, but somehow you just can’t seem to follow through and get them done.

    Your struggles are an initiation that call you to Greater Version of Yourself.
    Whether you are stressed with birthing a project, starting or running a business, or challenged by getting your gifts out to the world – there is a way forward and it may not be the one you had in mind but it might be just so much better!

    Are you ready to let go of the overwhelm and whatever else is stopping you from taking your life and projects to a whole new level?

    Results you get with my coaching

      • Reshape a lack of self-confidence into greater self-assurance and clarity about the value you offer.
      • Set life-affirming boundaries to navigate the ongoing demands of your project/business with ease and grace.
      • Fully uncover your ‘story’; what’s been holding you back from taking action, and rewrite your ‘script’ to bring your life to the next level with clarity and confidence.
      • Lead from a soul-space and deep spiritual connection, and communicate your message with confidence and clarity.
      • Attract the clients (and situations) you really want to work with and that you are meant to serve.
      • Manage the flow of your energy so that you have plenty to spare.
      • See your sensitivity as a gift rather than a liability, so that you stand in your true essence and know the value you have to offer others.

      As your Transformational Coach, I will hold you accountable to taking steps towards fulfilling your greatest potential.  Let me show you the ways and guide you to move forward as you work with your sensitivity rather than fight against it; help you clearly define your highly sensitive gifted self from the Inside Out, while honouring your soul purpose.

      Transformational Coaching Packages 

        Set up a 20-minute complimentary discovery session to see if this is a right fit. No strings attached, this will allow you to get a feel for what coaching with me is like. By the end of the session, if we both feel that we connect, you can decide on a package of sessions that suits your needs the best.