The Perils of Being Stuck and Three Steps to Move Out Of “Stuckness”

This is part of a series of blog-posts covering Essential Skills for Sensitive Soul Leaders.

  • Ever felt that sense of being stuck in a life-sucking pattern and not know how to shake it and move towards what you really want/your goals?

It can feel like you’re trying to move through heavy water while fully clothed. The water-logged clothes are heavy and pull you down, making each step exceptionally hard. Or it might feel like you’re turning in circles or going round and round on a hamster wheel.

Judy, one of my clients, a 42 year-old single mom, described what she felt was a robot-like daily pattern that had taken over her daily life.

Get up, make and drink coffee, prepare breakfast and lunches, deep sigh (I’m so tired!), drive kids to school, get my butt to work, sigh (I’m already overwhelmed at 9 am), try to focus on work, get distracted, worry, fret, more coffee, stress, sigh (now I’m really exhausted), finish work, get kids, sigh (I want to be having fun, but I can barely keep my head above water).

What’s inertia?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Inertia as: “A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged” or in terms of Physics, Inertia is defined as “A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.”

Human inertia comes from fear. When the fear sets in, patterns or habits of life are build on it or around it. We no longer feel spontaneous, energized or free.

If you’re in motion, it’s usually driven by a kind of forcing or pushing yourself into action. Or, you’re on an automatic setting which keeps you moving through the motion but not feeling alive.

Alternatively, you might feel a huge sense of lethargy and have trouble getting yourself motivated or focused to start or finish things.

Two reason so many of us stay stuck in a state of inertia:

  1. We set our goals too high and too far away. If you set out to climb Mount Everest and you can’t walk around the block yet, you need to adapt your goal and start smaller. Set a goal that you can attain within a shorter period of time. If Mount Everest is your true heart’s desire, that (or whatever Mount Everest is for you), you can get there, eventually but you need to start with something small in the here and now.
  1. The other reason is revealed when you take a closer look at the definition of inertia. In order to get out of a state of inertia, you (the body) need to be acted on by an outside force. You need to begin to open yourself to the possibility of something new, or put yourself on the path to experience something different. What do so many of us do when things are not going well? We beat ourselves up, panic and dig the hole deeper!!

So here are three steps to get out of inertia

  • Start by making one small change: Change one thing in your life and make it small. The most direct, loving and efficient way to step out of inertia is to take one small baby step at a time, every day, if possible.
  • Learn to nurture yourself first: start paying attention to how you feel, what you desire and what you need. To get out of an automatic lifeless mode of living, you absolutely need to begin connecting with your inner life.
  • Reach out for support: Remember that you need to open yourself to outside inspiration, positive outside forces that will act on you to encourage and inspire and support your growth. It may be a therapist, a coach, a group; whatever feedback, encouragement and support you need to take the next step(s) forward. 

How Judy said goodbye to Inertia in her life and moved into greater joy and confidence.

Judy decided she would take a twenty-minute walk during her daily lunch hour.

The walk got her moving and out of the office. While out on her stroll one day, she noticed that there were yoga classes offered just near her work. Guess what? She signed up for a class every Tuesday at noon. She had just enough time if she took fifteen extra minutes on her lunch hour instead of the morning break.

A few days later, she passed in front a stationary store and saw a beautiful journal in the window. That gave her the idea to start writing her feelings in a daily journal. She bought one for eight dollars and looked forward to that evening when the kids were in bed to take some time with herself.

Judy began her journey this way. With baby steps. A few months down the road, she signed up for an online group that encouraged creative growth. One step led to another. She ended up hiring a coach (me) and two years later, she’s changed jobs, and is starting a jewellery business on the side. Judy’s journey started with that one small decision, which led to another which prompted her gradual inner and outer transformation. Today, she feels confidence, creative and alive.

What small step can you make to start your journey out of stuckness and inertia into greater joy and fulfillment?

Need some help or encouragement determining your next step or strategy?

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