"The results were immediate and empowering."

“When I began working with Gabrielle in the Soul-Care Program, I felt stuck and was puzzled about my inability to write when I claim to be a writer. It felt like being frozen in a holding pattern, circling around the airport waiting to land.

The guided visual meditations and one-on-one sessions enabled me to unlock the closed doors that were holding me back. Gabrielle’s genuine, compassionate and skillful coaching led me to greater understanding of the personal issues that were keeping me away from attaining my goal. She created a safe space which gave me the trust I needed to be able to share deep seated concerns and issues.

The result was immediate and empowering. I ended the study with clearer self- awareness and now I am writing - have written 4 poems and am working on 2 short stories! I feel connected and whole. I am able to allow myself the freedom to write from deep within without censuring what comes up, to allow the flow from within a way out without a barrier. It's a playful exploration and I am enjoying it.

It was as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I was now free to move in a direction that was more in line with my values and my personal goals. I had faith in myself and my inherent abilities. I truly believe in the value of Soul-Care as uncovering the answers within is a life-affirming experience and I recommend it highly.' Barb Horwood Elliot


"I am filled with appreciation for how quickly and concretely Gabrielle was able to support and help me."

"Gabrielle's passion for helping women to 'honour their sensitivity and bring their gifts into the world' is just beautiful and quite unique. What is more, she's developed the perfect skills to do just that."

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D., Oral historian and Video-biographer, Founder, Big Tree Life Stories

Gabrielle is great at putting you at ease, taking a deep breath and entering into your situation with you."

“When I began the Soul-Care Program, I felt shy and isolated and insecure. I also worried that my niche, “helicopter parents” was too small and Gabrielle helped me see that the specificity and focus were actually a good thing! I was seeking more clarity in my mission or maybe I wanted more confidence about it and through the program, I was able to achieve a much better integration of my feelings and emotional history and identity with my business plans

I've been in private counseling and I've been in professional networks, but this is the first time I've connected the two arenas or had a “crossover” of personal and professional coaching. For someone following their passion in a professional manner, it's ideal! Also, I love Gabrielle. She leads from beside you, not in front -- or eek behind, pushing! She's great at putting you at ease, taking a deep breath and entering into your situation with you. I like her soothing voice, her sense of humor, and her style -- which moves easily from the heart to the office. I can't recommend her highly enough!” Angela Todd, Head of Ideas at Funnermother, http://www.funnermother.wordpress.com


"Gabrielle is very passionate about helping her clients and has a beautiful energy that allows transformation to happen in a safe environment."

"I really enjoyed working with Gabrielle in the Soul Care Project. Gabrielle is very passionate about helping her clients and has a beautiful energy that allows transformation to happen in a safe environment.
The reason I signed up to work with Gabrielle was that I was really overwhelmed and frustrated in my business. I am a very intuitive person and at the same time extremely driven. However, when I started soul care work with Gabrielle, my energy was overly focused on the driven side and I was not connected to my feminine intuitive side. I wanted to bring balance to my life and 'get out of the closet' with my work in the Akashic Records and healing.
Working with Gabrielle made me completely move the direction of my business within a month! And now my clients are asking me to teach them how to read the Akashic Records! I developed a Training program to teach my clients how to access their intuition and the wisdom from the Akashics of earth, trees and Crystals.
Thank you Gabrielle, I appreciate you!"
Patricia Missakian,
Akashic Records Wisdom Activator


"Gabrielle holds a compassionate framework for going into areas that I couldn’t face alone."

"Gabrielle holds a compassionate framework for going into areas that I couldn’t face alone. Through her skill, when it seemed like we were having a mild conversation, core issues were revealed. This amazed me, and gave me the awareness I needed to do some deep work.         I was able to open up and make some major shifts during our 5 sessions together. Gabrielle is trustworthy and skilled, and it was a wonderful to have her support."

Shantara Sandberg, Sound Healer & Painter


"I appreciated Gabrielle’s warmth, intelligence, stillness and feminine power."

“I loved Gabrielle’s vision that it’s possible for me to live in a way that is truly connected to who I am and to my true purpose. Because she has connected with her own purpose she is able to inspire and guide people in the direction of finding their own. I appreciated Gabrielle’s warmth, intelligence, stillness and feminine power. The depth of caring and her ability to allow me to be my entire self in our time together permitted me to feel safe when releasing some powerful emotions and to be witnessed in those feelings. This was a powerful experience.” Sarah Elliot

"Things began to open up and shift for me. I feel more empowered and more energetic. I’m finding my voice and I allow myself to be seen and heard as well as to be creative."

"Working with Gabrielle gave me the courage, confidence and feeling of safety to start believing in the possibility of offering my work to the world. I recently accepted two opportunities to speak and I felt that I spoke from a place of power and had something valuable to share. I felt solid and calm. I was able to connect with my centre, that place of power (my inner CEO) in order to be able to articulate my thoughts and share my feelings with the group.”

Kerry Bray, Healer, Transformative Coach

"Now I feel like I have things under control and my mind is not so cluttered!"

“When I began the Soul-Care Program, I wanted to get rid of the clutter around my house because I believed it was creating clutter in my mind. I really liked the guided visualizations; they brought issues that needed to be worked on to my attention and through the process, I have found more clarity than I have had in a long time. Now I feel like I have things under control and my mind is not so cluttered! My office is organized and my business has picked up and I feel like I can do anything! I would recommend this program, especially the visualization process.” Patty Schwartz Hagglund, owner of Skinny Dip Candles, http://www.skinnydipcandle.com/