Are You Rushing Through Your Day? A Soulful Message For You From the Best-Selling Book

In this book full of soulful messages, you’ll get to meet over 200 authors who share from the heart. I’ve proudly contributed five vignettes to the collection and will share one with you here below. It’s a story about what you can miss out on if you rush through your days. It’s also about how we easily fall prey to stereotypes, our own prejudices, and superficiality when we move too fast through life.

As John Lennon’s famous saying goes: “Life happens when we’re making other plans”. It’s true that life sometimes unfolds in unexpected ways.

A chance meeting at a bus stop can lead to a life-long friendship, a conversation with an acquaintance can reshape the way you see the world, a mishap can alter the direction of your life, and shape your life’s purpose. 

So, what do we miss out on when we’re not present on a day to day basis?

Think about it. You risk letting the most beautiful, significant moments or your life, or perhaps a life-changing opportunity pass right under your nose (without you even realizing it).  

Racing through your day comes at a price. Whether you’re chasing after ideals of success, of getting things done, the myth of perfection, or of pleasing others, whether you’re running away from your problems, a harsh inner critic, your husband, or your sister, you most definitely lose out. 

The cost is too high. 

What if this very moment, with all its imperfections, messiness, problems and unresolved issues is the “main dish” on the menu of your life? What if the best part is right under your nose, but you’re too “busy” to see it?

This story is about a simple and unexpected encounter at the supermarket that reminded me that kindness, soulfulness, and generosity are still very much alive (even in places I may not expect them to be). As well, it’s about a soulful moment in which a stranger showed me how important it is to pay attention.

Lifting the “Mad Rush” Spell

 I have at least five things still on this afternoon’s “to do” list, which reads; get groceries, stop at the garage, pick up mail, attend a meeting, and make supper.

I’ve got to confess, despite my love of yoga, meditation and all things “zen”, that rushing through my days is a frequent habit of mine. Sometimes, I think a spell has been cast on me. Despite how intimately I know how hurrying can lead to exhaustion and even burnout, I still fall prey to it.

So, here I am today, wholeheartedly committed and convinced that if only I “get it all done”, life will somehow bring me onto “better things”.

After picking up my ingredients at the supermarket, I eye the check-out lines, trying to gauge which one will be the shortest. I often joke with my family that whichever check-out line I choose, the next one will always go through faster. On that February afternoon, I simply choose the cash in front of me, which has only two people ahead, each with a few items..

As I approach, I notice that the man ahead is hunched over his walker, moving slowly and obviously in pain.  In my rushed state (only focusing on the next thing on my list), my first reaction is one of irritation: “there I go again choosing the slowest checkout line”. I stand for a few seconds, going over my to-do list for the umpteenth time, looking at my watch.

It’s now the “poor hunched” man’s turn. But, to my total surprise, he doesn’t take his spot at the cash. Instead, he turns around smiling generously and gestures for me to go ahead. Even with the slouched demeanor, the large awkward glasses, and gnarled hands, this angel in disguise radiates intention, kindness, and peace.

I happily breeze through the check-out, but I remain stunned at what’s just happened. For the first time today, I pause and take a deep breath, noticing that my to-do list has evaporated. This brief encounter with a stranger has revealed to me the secret to lifting the spell of my frenzied life and brought relief to my soul.


There are stories from over 200 authors in this book written to inspire each of you!

If you would like to see the other 364 Messages, go to to order your copy of the book. 

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As well as being a nature lover, artist, author, and spiritual seeker, Gabrielle Taylor is a Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach.  She’s passionate about helping sensitive, visionary women leaders unleash their creativity and bring their work, gifts and the next version of themselves to the world.

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