Welcome to the

Resilience Mindset Challenge

You’ll learn to:

  • Switch the negativity bias on its head (so you’re not always believing the worst-case scenarios).
  • Use Self-Compassion to develop strength and perseverance, even in uncertain times.
  • Change your relationship with struggle and develop new ways to approach and handle problems.
  • Go from “I can’t” to “I can and I will” even when challenges abound.
  • Learn how to Self-care and more details about your nervous system to empower yourself to learn resilience going forward.
  • As a sensitive woman, is easy for you to fall prey to overwhelm?
  • Do you feel sometimes that your system to go into overload and shutdown?
  • Do you ever launch into hyperactivity or hypervigilance as a coping mechanism and find yourself getting burnt out?

There is another another way. You can learn to cultivate and develop resilience.

Discover the power of learning and sharing in community. What I do know is that you’re not alone. We can be stronger together and in community, we can find new ways of supporting one another, sharing our resources, discoveries, and innovations with one another and strengthening our connections and the collective. 

What is a Resilience Mindset?

80-90% of anything you do or don’t do starts with your mindset. Cultivating a resilience mindset allows you to tap into your innate ability to spring back after failure, defeat, to grow and learn from mistakes or struggles, to discover within you flow and flexibility, and ultimately, happiness and joy.

“Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford

In uncertain times, you need to draw upon a deep reservoir of energy, of self-confidence and strength that you perhaps didn’t even know you had. From this place of inner resolve, and with the tools I’ll be teaching, you’ll find a way to pick yourself up, dust yourself off (without denying what you’re feeling or challenges you’re going through), and take a concrete step forward. You can find a way to stretch, grow, get back up on the horse, and FEEL your MOJO and your JOY again.


Sometimes you need a helping hand…

What Clients Are Saying:

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D. Oral historian and Video-biographer, Founder, Big Tree Life Stories 

“I am filled with appreciation for how quickly and concretely Gabrielle was able to support and help me. Gabrielle’s passion for helping women to ‘honour their sensitivity and bring their gifts into the world’ is just beautiful and quite unique. What is more, she’s developed the perfect skills to do just that.” 

Jennifer Molleur, RN, Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist and Mother of Two

“Working with Gabrielle helped me move forward and face the challenges that were keeping me stuck. Mostly, I gained the confidence and clarity I was seeking at the time. I really enjoyed the nurturing and caring support I received through the process. I loved the sense of connection I felt with the group during our online sessions and the on-going support that was provided for the duration of the course” 

About Gabrielle Taylor

As well as being a nature lover, an artist, author and spiritual seeker, Gabrielle Taylor is a Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach. 

She’s passionate about helping sensitive, visionary women leaders unleash their creativity and bring their work, gifts and the next version of themselves to the world.