The Day Maggie Went Further and Glimpsed Something Long Forgotten

It all happened unexpectedly and spontaneously.

Maggie’s beau was not able to make their usual walking date and she had an extra hour on her hands before she had to pick up the kids.

The Sun shone brightly and the air was fresh. Maggie grabbed her bike and decided to go for a little spin.

“It’ll take me about 45 minutes down the back hill and back”, she planned, and off she went, breeze in her hair, down the path in the back of the village. But end-of summer September days can be surprisingly enticing and once she reached the bottom of the hill, the path beckoned her on.

Maggie seized upon the invitation, shaking off her regular impulses to stay within the lines and follow the rules.

When had life become so predictable and regimented? Being a mom of two young kids required her “be there”, but also to help provide and take care of so many details. It had been months — years since she’d done anything spontaneous and the feeling had become a stranger.

Tears started to well up in Maggie’s eyes as the wind licked her cheeks. Her legs moved with gusto as she moved into this rediscovered, delicious freedom. And, the path, an old railway trestle, continued to beckon beyond the confines of the village and out into the countryside, to fields of yellowing corn stalks and tall billowing grasses. She rode over hills and gullies and Maggie’s legs began to feel their impact.

How like life this is, she thought: times when we move swiftly with grace and ease and times when it’s more laborious. Cycling up the hills was hard but she had the power to do it and it felt good.

She remembered some women talking about glass ceilings on the radio earlier. Maybe this is what they meant, pushing beyond the usual limits, getting out of your comfort zone. Letting go of the usual cautious thoughts: “if I do this, I’ll have no energy left; no time; I cannot; I’m not able”.

These had become her usual staple responses of late. It was no wonder, with her responsibilities and recent health struggles. How confining and small these thoughts have kept me.

She noticed the leaves of some poplar trees rustling in the wind, and it was as though they spoke directly to her. “You’re welcome here with us. We’ll reveal to you the secrets and beauty of life. You’re meant for these big spaces and this wild and magical life!”

Maggie felt a growing fire in her belly. And the hills seemed to reflect that warmth, with their autumn colours, deep reds, oranges and yellows dappling in the sunlight.

As she drank in the moment, Maggie recognized a thirst in her soul that had been left unquenched for far too long. She tried to remember when it was that she’d started to limit and confine herself to small places.

It had happened slowly; almost imperceptibly over the years. As she’d assumed a growing list of responsibilities — for her children, her family and clients — she’d forgotten to nurture and follow her own soul’s promptings and passions. Inch by inch, she had steadily allowed her power leak away, unnoticed.

Now, she knew, it was time to find a way to change that pattern.

What time is it? The thought brought her back to reality. Maggie knew she had to be home before the kids at 3 o’clock and she still had to peddle all the way back.

She chose a different road that looped around the village so she wouldn’t repeat her steps, but keep moving forward. She knew that her legs and body would complain that evening and the next day, but her soul would not be satisfied with less.

And, the decision to “go further” that day was not just about quads and calf muscles. It was clear to Maggie that she’d been holding herself back from life on all levels. Playing it safe had its benefits, but she’d lost her enthusiasm and desire for adventure.

This was her life, her purpose, her potential, at stake here (and all the things  these impacted). She had a choice to make: say yes and step up, or refuse to fully participate in her own life.

Twenty minutes later, Maggie rolled into her driveway, sweaty and tired, but with a new sense of optimism.

Needless to say, the house looked different, the kitchen less drab. There were other changes as well. Her lighter mood was contagious and 8 year-old Christopher cheerfully solved math problems on his own, and later that evening, Vanessa, brushed her teeth and prepared for bed without objection.

That night, Maggie recommitted herself to pushing herself further, beyond her usual terrain. This wasn’t simply about a bike ride, but an awareness of who she was and what she was capable of; and she would neither give up on her potential nor on life’s invitation to her!

The next day, her muscles ached and she felt tired. It almost felt like the previous day’s experience was a dream. But she remembered her commitment to herself and she called up the coach she’d been meaning to connect with to schedule a session. She knew that her new vision for life needed to be supported if she were to experience her full potential.

Have you ever found yourself in a moment like Maggie when you’ve stepped out of your regular routine and habitual comfort zone only to feel more alive and on purpose?

Don’t forget, that’s the perfect moment to reach out and get the ongoing support you need to follow through with your soul’s urgings. Don’t go this journey alone!

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Gabrielle B. Taylor, M.A.

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