Confessions of an Overwrought, Haggard Mom (and how to uncover your purpose)

  • Do you ever feel worn out and that you realize that you’re just not living up to your potential?
  • Do you know somewhere inside that your life is not aligned with what your heart longs for? 
  • Did you know that aligning with your purpose can totally turn things around for you so that you’re filled you with the confidence you need to manifest your heart’s desires? 

I’m sharing this Halloween story because it was a turnaround moment for me and one in which I began to uncover my mission of helping sensitive, creative women thrive and shine. 

I totally love Halloween. Seeing the gravestones and the zombies in peoples’ front yards brings out the playful inner child in me. I love seeing the vampires, witches and Cinderella’s that come to my front door. This offers the perfect lift to my spirits just as the days get shorter and the trees shed their leaves.

I also get nostalgic around this time and have fond memories of years gone by when I enjoyed helping my own kids put their costumes together and decorate the house and go out trick or treating.

A memory from a Halloween past:

But there’s one one particular memory that I wanted to share with you here as it drove home a critical lesson for me. Oddly enough, this painful moment taught me something about my mission around helping sensitive, creative women to thrive and shine more brightly as their authentic selves.

It had been such a fun afternoon helping prep my son and my daughter with their costumes (they were dressed respectively as a cute pirate and and funky witch). But it’d also been a long day.
The usual routine of my life at that time was exhausting and involved a lot of scrambling, rushing, and very little time to myself. As most moms know, there were chores to be done and chores half-done (can you hear my inner critic at work?). I usually felt drained and as though I were walking among the dead (like the zombies outside).

An unpleasant comment that reflected a hard truth (and also awakened something new in me).

As we made the rounds of the streets, one of our neighbours greeted us. “Oh, I see, you’re a witch, and you’re a pirate”, he said, and then turning to me, “what are you? An overwrought, haggard mother, ha ha ha?”
He meant it in jest and I didn’t take it personally (well, maybe only a little). But it struck a chord within me that still rings loud. That was exactly how I felt so darn often; overwhelmed, tattered and worn-out like an old dish-rag.
A turnaround moment?

Believe it or not, I think back on that incident as seminal moment that helped me uncover my mission and purpose.

Your passion and purpose can be uncovered or made apparent in two different ways.

The first way happens in moments when you experience something you love and “vibe with” so much that you want to spend a whole lot more time doing it. That’s a pretty sure indicator your purpose is being activated in you.

Or, you might suddenly awaken to how your life is out of alignment. You realize you’re out of sync with your soul, with how you should be living or what you should be doing. It’s an “I can’t be this way anymore (or do this anymore) moment”. That’s exactly what happened to me on that Halloween night.

I sometimes call the pain of feeling cut off from your authentic self the seed of divine discontent. It can propel you to search, to stretch and grow until you find a new (more aligned) way to be in the world. If you have the courage to acknowledge your unhappiness, it can be a strong driver and catalyst towards change, growth and transformation.

Fast-forward to today. My mission of supporting sensitive, creative women to thrive and shine as they birth their soul-projects grew out of all the lessons I’ve learned along the journey since that time. My outer life has certainly changed but I realize that it’s truly the inner changes that have permitted the lasting and enduring shifts to be made.

Discovering the magic of your Purpose

Imagine that there’s an energy inside of you that’s bubbling up with life, vitality, creativity. It’s a juicy “alive” energy that can’t help but lead to growth, expansion, evolution.

I like to call that the energy of your purpose and it was this same force that I felt deep inside of me, even when I felt worn down and burnt out.

Ultimately, the more you learn to listen to and follow the voice and the power of your purpose (over that of your inner critic, self-doubt or your endless to-do lists), the more you will grow into who you’re meant to be. Aligning with your purpose will give you inner confidence and a sure footing to share your gifts with the world.

Three shortcuts to Align with the Energy of your Purpose

  1. Harvest the lessons.
    So often, when we’re not happy with the way things are we resist/judge what’s happening, we fall into self-judgment, shut ourselves down.
    How often do you engage in comparisonitis? Do you compare yourself with others who are “more successful” or who seem to be happier and are achieving things you deeply desire? If so you likely tell yourself that you don’t have what it takes. Or, you judge yourself for being lazy, procrastinating, doing too much of x and not enough of y?
    Unless you start to embrace your UNIQUE journey (as opposed to comparing to others) and where you are on the road, you won’t be able to harvest the lessons and truly begin to listen to the call of your purpose.
  2. Find Role Models that inspire you
    Finding role models is definitely a shortcut because they can inspire you to face and overcome the obstacles you’ll face. They can also provide you with precious information about what it is you deeply desire. Name a role-model and chances are they will represent a core value you hold dear; something that brings you closer to the dynamic energy of your purpose. That’s because our role models have most often actualized a dream that resonates with us. They represent what’s possible and they also hold many of the secrets as to how to “get there”.
  3. Reach out for Support.  Find someone who believes in you and your dream; someone who can support you in the unfolding of your vision. Whether it be a coach, a mentor, a therapist, a group, find people who “get” the journey you’re on and the fact that you’re on the road to creating something new that hasn’t existed before,

No one can go this journey alone, (in their ivory tower or darkened cave) and neither can you!
A skilled and understanding person can hold the space for you to expand into your vision and hold you accountable for doing what it takes to make it a reality.

Remember what I said above: Aligning with your purpose can make all the difference, allowing you to fill up with the confidence you need to manifest your projects.  

Looking for some support along the path?

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