Circle of Gratitude; Allowing Love to Flow

On this snowy evening, still the beginning of winter, shorter days,

I sit here contemplating each little snowflake, so gentle, swirling and shimmering in whiteness. Together, they form a blanket that muffles out the unnecessary noise. Bare tree branches reach up, swaying in the crisp beauty of dark sky!

Inside the coziness of my home; warmth, electric light and hot water, food, family noises, laughter and messes!

Breathing in I receive fully. My heart swells outward and and meets yours, or at least we might shake hands, walk or drive side by side for a while or, perhaps I may see the colour of your eyes and soul.

This life, a brief passing… the more we embrace, the greater the loss. The sweet/sharp pain of being alive; perfect imperfections galore, bumps and rough patches, hellos and goodbyes.

Ahhh…. I gently allow my eyelids to close; through the flickering light I see, far and beyond, up above and below, the past and the future, and this moment, now! I see myself at a distance, I’m getting smaller and smaller as I float in the starlit sky above. Outside the hurt, disappointment and frustration, the daily grind and struggle, understanding comes…

Each struggle is like a guest knocking at my door, inviting me deeper inside to expand my heart. Every block or resistance in the way of love’s flow deserves the attention of life’s constant river of rushing water. I open my door to you, stranger and dear friend, you are one! Like medicine, you have come to heal and soften the jagged edges of my broken heart and make me whole!

Pulsing life, beating heart, the touch of a warm hand, the softness of smiling eyes and the song of words. Precious moments all. And when it is time to leave this land, this vessel, the circle of gratitude is complete and the journey is just begun! Piercing the veil of time; yesterday, today, tomorrow, all are NOW, you and I are the promise that has been whispered and sung of through the ages…

When you leave, oh, I miss you! But I can touch you still; feel you in the air I breathe, the trees, the laughter and the diamond teardrops  shed.

We don’t need fixing; a heart overflowing, a single snowflake, miracles everywhere! All that is needed is here and now; together, we form a circle of grace!

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