The Awesomeness and Power of Your Mindset

A close-up image of a leaf at the end of summer: It begins to dry up and curl around the edges, the colour starts to change from deep rich green to yellow and then orange. The node starts to loosen from the twig and with the slightest breeze, it falls off the tree and floats down, down to the earth.

The camera zooms out and the music shifts to sad and melodramatic. Tears start to well up in my eyes as I think of how this poor leaf has come to its end.

We now see a magnificent panoramic landscape of yellows, oranges and reds, with a touch of green still left. A beautiful forest seen on a New England (or my native Quebec) Autumn day. If we had time to watch this picture for an entire year, we’d see the cycles of the four seasons.

This would help us to reframe the picture and understand the leaf’s death as part of a grander scheme which is awe-inspiring and beautiful. Yes, the leaf turns orange and falls, but we know that the spring will bring new life and its fall only contributes to the turn of the seasons.

When you’re living through a challenging time or event, you may be focused on the smaller picture and reframing can help you to see things from a totally different perspective.

The amazing power of the camera to capture different frames and perspectives is something you also possess with the power of your mindset. But unlike the camera, your mind is not objective.

It/you see and perceive yourself and the world in a subjective way. And that has a huge impact on what goes on in your day to day life. A positive shift in your mindset can turn a situation that feels hopeless into one in which you feel inspired to act.

Kathleen’s Story

Here’s an example. Kathleen is a highly sensitive artist who makes ends meet as a veterinary assistant. She was at her wits end. She felt tired from her job and the demands of her family life as a single mom of two teenage boys. She also sought to expand her business as a graphic artist, and although she had had a number of contracts, the work wasn’t consistent enough to rely on full-time.

She felt increasingly stressed as she surveyed the numbers in her bank statements and attempted to block out time in her schedule to do more art. Of course, there were a lot of bills to be paid and so many other activities filled her calendar. She wanted to “be there” for her sons and the younger one had started having more trouble in school.

Life was a juggling act; trying to fit everything in and at the end of the day, it always felt like there was never enough time nor money, and energy was scarce as well.

Staring blankly at her bank statement and dumbfounded at the calendar, Kathleen started to feel empty and emptied out. Just like the single leaf, drying up and falling from the tree, she began to see her life like a very sad and hopeless story, with nowhere to go but down.

What the power of mindset taught Kathleen

Do you see the glass half full or half empty? The same situation can look very different depending on how you frame it.

In spite of how Kathleen felt at that moment, she was to discover that in shifting, she could find a place of resilience and hope within her, to tap into and value her own gifts, life force and passion using those to propel her forward.

Kathleen didn’t simply spend a few moments a day saying a couple of affirmations to adjust her mindset. She underwent a deep process of inner transformation and healing while working with a coach. Her underlying journey can be likened to preparing the soil when we’re planting a garden. If the soil is full of rocks or is too sandy, the seeds (the affirmations) won’t even have a chance to take root and grow.

Kathleen began to focus on all that she loved and was grateful for, (her sons, close friends, family, her ability to express herself through art, her love of nature and animals, her job). She began a journey of embracing her wounds, and nurturing her feminine and sensitive soul. Rather than berating herself for not getting more done (art or other tasks), she shifted her attitude, and started to acknowledge her need for self-care and self-compassion.

Enthusiasm for life welled up inside her more each day. She started to approach life from an empowered stance which made even dealing with her son’s issues at school a little less daunting.

Slowly, she became aware of shifts that needed to happen — boundaries she needed to set — in many of her relationships. Especially those in which she’d traditionally played a role of taking on too much responsibility. This enabled her to allow others to pick up some slack (which was a HUGE relief) and let go of the burden of feeling resentful.

Reframing her mindset was an ongoing and daily practice that required a lot of reminders, but Kathleen discovered that it had powerful results. She noticed that it was extremely helpful to be around people who inspired her to continue growing and learning this new practice. These mindset shifts permitted her to become a leader of herself, her life, her gifts; as a parent and in her career.

There were many lessons to be learned at each turn of the journey, but the results were so worth it! Six months later, Kathleen has learned the importance of asking for help when she needs it.

Shifting her mindset helped Kathleen unleash her creativity and make the advances she desired in her projects and goals.

She feels much happier and hopeful, and is better able to find the time to take care of herself, be with her children, meet her work requirements and produce some amazing art. As well, she’s been asked to produce some large abstract pieces for a local business where she’ll get a lot of exposure and will be paid handsomely for her work.

Reframing the way you see life (your mindset) is an essential skill for you as a sensitive soul leader. It may sound really simple and easy, but putting it into practice can work miracles for you, I promise! It can turn around your life and business, and at times, it may even have the power to turn what seems like a curse into a blessing.

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Gabrielle B. Taylor, M.A.

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Gabrielle B. Taylor, M.A.

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