Finally Birth Your Soul-Project

Is this you?

You know the feeling all too well...

You have that burning desire to bring your work into the world, but….

It’s overwhelming being sensitive, empathic, and creative. 

It can feel like you’re like a round peg trying to fit in a square hole, 

Or, you doubt how or where you fit in (or whether anyone will need what you have to offer).

Your self-confidence suffers and you end up in a tail-spin. 

You want to own your gifts (instead of exhausting yourself in the pursuit of “perfection”).

These are all signs that you have a soul-project inside and that you won't come to be fully ALIVE until you do.

What’s missing and why are you so stuck?

1) Lack of clarity in regards to your Soul-Project. You feel it, you know it’s there (at least in the moments when you’re listening), deep inside, but you haven’t identified it clearly yet. In order to gain clarity, you need to connect with your authentic self, your passion and purpose. 

2) Your voice has been stifled. Many sensitive creative empaths that I talk to, describe how they’ve internalized the negative (and very limiting) messaging patterns from a very young age. Whether those be modeled by teachers, parents or the surrounding culture, these internalized injunctions have most often contributed to the squelching of your authentic voice and vision. Lack of self-confidence, feeling like a misfit or that you don’t belong are just a couple of the results of this.

3) Lack of know how or follow-through. You might have clarity about your project, your vision, but when it comes to advancing it in 3D reality, life trips you up, there are a gazillion obstacles, and you get mired in either distractions or details. You soon get discouraged, run out of steam, and your project ends up on the shelf once more. Life has been keeping you on the “struggle bus” and it’s time to turn that train around and become mistress of your own destiny. 

3) What’s often missing is support and community. Having sister travelers by your side, support, and guidance makes all the difference. What I’ve learned from my personal experience as well as the 1000’s of clients I’ve worked with, is that discovering your voice, your confidence, your passion and purpose requires you to be surrounded by people who care and who can hold the space for the AMAZINGNESS of your uniqueness. Your light is so bright and beautiful, but if it’s hidden under a bushel, no one will get to see or experience.

It can be the difference between following through or giving up, success or failure, feeling isolated, alone, and discouraged or having a team of cheerleaders and people who see and believe in you, to encourage you and help celebrate your victories!  

If you're ready to Finally Birth Your Unique Soul-Project

Welcome to ALIVE: the community that will help you achieve this!  

Hi, I'm Gabrielle . . .

and I’ve designed this high-touch, small community to support you in exactly what you need to finally succeed in bringing your sacred work, your unique project to fruition. Being supported and guided within a safe container in which your spirit is nurtured and fed can make all the difference.  

You’ll be learning how zero in with laser clarity around your unique mission and the project that you’re meant to bring to the world. You’ll gain the tools you need and develop your customized step-by-step plan to make things happen for real and birth your unique project. Whether it be a book you’ve been wanting to write, a business, a 

I’m excited to have you join me and to witness you as connect with your vision, claim your voice, move into action and become the empowered, gifted woman you’re meant to be. 

ALIVE is a high-touch, small group membership community where I’ll show you exactly how to move out of daily overwhelm, and support you to FINALLY BRING your SACRED WORK into the WORLD so others can benefit from it!  

The ALIVE community offers you:  

  • A place where you’ll learn new tools, experience deep transformation, be held accountable and grow exponentially
  • A place to share your stories (and connect deeply with other like-minded women); to turn struggles and obstacles into opportunities and solutions
  • A place where you can share your wins unabashedly; where you can break out of “old patterns” that have held you back for way too long (I know, I’ve been there)
  • A community where you’ll be witnessed and get honest feedback in all your vulnerability and GLORY
  • And MUCH, much more…  

Don’t go the journey alone!

Every Week You’ll Enjoy one of the following:

  • Themed monthly Group Teaching/Coaching calls so that you can learn the skills you, as a sensitive, creative woman need, to bring your unique gifts to the world.These will be on Zoom (like Skype, only better). 
  • The monthly themes will bring you through the A.L.I.V.E. Curriculum: 
    1) Anchor and Align, 2) Listen to what you LOVE, 3) Inspired action (Implement with Intention, Intuition and Imagination, 4) Vision and Voice, 5) Empowered to Lead (and finally birth your Soul-Project).
  • Private Facebook Group where you’ll get weekly live videos, informative and inspirational posts, and much more.
  • Talking Circle (story-sharing circle) where you get to share your wins and where you’re stuck so that you can get targeted feedback, guidance, where you can be witnessed, and also draw inspiration as you learn from other women’s stories.
  • Guest expert interviews so that you get to hear from an expert on the monthly theme.

What Clients Are Saying:

Jennifer Molleur, RN, Yoga Instructor, Acupuncturist and Mother of Two

“Working with Gabrielle helped me move forward and face the challenges that were keeping me stuck. Mostly, I gained the confidence and clarity I was seeking at the time. I really enjoyed the nurturing and caring support I received through the process. I loved the sense of connection I felt with the group during our online sessions and the on-going support that was provided for the duration of the course” 

Isn't it time to...

  • Stop getting overwhelmed by trying to please others or take care of everyone around you, while you neglect yourself and your soul’s promptings. It’s time to heed the call and this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! 
  • Learn how to ask and GET support in your important relationships, so that they don’t impede your progress but help you move forward. 
  • Gain confidence while you learn to align with yourself with your needs, your purpose so that you can make progress and move ahead with the goals and projects that you care about most!
  • Change old habits of procrastination and distraction so that you can find true focus to get stuff done, gain confidence and fulfill your purpose.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others (especially type “A”s) and learn to unlock your secret key to success. 
  • Gain clarity and focus. Lack of clarity equals lack of focus, dispersion of energy and FEW RESULTS! It becomes almost impossible to navigate the course you need to get to your destination.

You’ve tried lots of things, so why do you still end up burnt out, overwhelmed, stuck, feeling like others are doing it so why can’t you?

As a sensitive and creative woman, you have a TON of gifts and I absolutely care that you don’t lose confidence or give up on yourself.

want to see you Empowered, and Finally Bringing your Sacred Work to the World!!.

  • You try to follow programs and advice that’s not cut out for you, ABC formulas that may work for others don’t take into account that you still need to continue to honour and nurture your soul/body/mind every day. 
  • If you’re going to flourish and thrive, you need regular reminders, encouragement, accountability and a community, and ultimately you need to find a system and a structure that WORKS FOR YOU. 
  • No quick fix or superficial answer will help you to access, align with your depths and unravel those parts of you that keep you stuck. This is deep work and you won’t do well staying at the surface!
  • One of the main reasons you’re not making the progress you want is that, as a sensitive soul, you need to do the work from the INSIDE OUT!
  • The force of HABIT is very strong. You need the support, the guidance and the day by day accountability to break those habits that keep you overwhelmed, stuck and struggling from one day to the next. 
  • I will hold the space for you to do that, you will have a community of like-spirited women to share deeply with and I will guide you, step by step and offer you a proven structure to help you to break through the blocks that keep you playing small (when your spirit is so large) and stuck.

The ALIVE (Sensitive, Resilient and Thriving) Membership Program offers:

  • Weekly mindset practices and accountability through video teachings, journaling prompts, exercises, community activities (so you won’t “fall off the wagon” and you’ll be lovingly brought back in the fold when you do)
  • You’ll learn new skills and practices that will help you change the neural pathways of your brain (break old bad habits and integrate new desired habits) to help you create the life you truly desire.
  • You’ll participate in Talking (Story Sharing) Circles 
  • You’ll have access to guest expert interviews on relevant subjects (food, body-image, sensitivity, money matters, creative flow, mindfulness, self-compassion, relationships, managing career and work
  • You’ll have me (a private FB group where you can ask questions, Talking Circle calls, live teaching calls) plus a loving community of like-spirited women to support you, day after day

Now is the time! How long can you afford to wait?

Every day that passes is another day gone and an opportunity lost. How much is procrastination and fear costing you in terms of money, your life force, your loss of confidence, your dreams, and another day of your precious life?

This is a one-time offer. My ALIVE (Sensitive, Resilient and Thriving) Program is brand new. I’m offering you participation in this program as a founding member, at a deeply discounted investment. 

Surprise bonuses and goodies (I like to surprise you and as I learn more about you and what you need, what will help you most, I’ll be adding to the program).

For the first 10 women who sign up, you’ll get a Free 45 minute Energy-Leaks Assessment Session with me, to kickstart your journey!

Imagine this picture: you stay where you are. You don’t get the support you need, you continue spinning your wheels, another week, another month, and that turns into another year, or two, or three. Time passes, and you haven’t broken through those glass ceilings that are just waiting to be smashed! Don’t let that happen! I see a beautiful future for you and I want to be here to help you make it happen!

What Clients Are Saying:

Barbara Horwood Elliot, Writer

“Gabrielle’s genuine, compassionate and skillful coaching led me to greater understanding of the personal issues that were keeping me away from attaining my goal. She created a safe space which gave me the trust I needed to be able to share deep seated concerns and issues. I ended the study with clearer self- awareness and now I am writing.”

About Gabrielle Taylor

As well as being a nature lover, an artist, author and spiritual seeker, Gabrielle Taylor is a Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach.

For over 15 years, Gabrielle has helped thousands of clients break through the blocks that hold them back from achieving their full potential. Her insight, compassion, and depth allow her clients to reframe their challenges and discover their hidden gifts, empowering them to bring their unique soulful projects to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A. Teaching calls as well as Alive Member Circles are held every month via Zoom.  Zoom is interactive and you can ask Gabrielle questions during these live circles. A replay of each Teaching call is sent out via email in the days afterwards so that you can watch it at a time that is most suitable for you. The Alive Talking-Circles will not be recorded without express permission of participants to preserve a sense of safety in the group.



A. All meditations, tools, videos, etc have been designed to be easy to use, no matter how much time you have. You will find something to do, no matter if you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes to spare.  



A. We have a great support team and can help you with any questions, queries or issues you may have, from forgetting your password to payment changes. If you have any issues or questions please email 



A. If you cancel your membership you will lose all access to the library and you will be removed from the Private Facebook Group, as this all forms part of the paid membership.  



A. If you wish to cancel you simply need to email at least two weeks prior to your next payment, and we will provide you with the steps to cancel your membership.