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Hi, my name is Gabrielle Taylor and my mission here at Sensitive Soul Leaders, is to help sensitive souls (artists, coaches, healers, feminine entrepreneurs and visionary change-agents), to step into greater leadership and empower themselves to pursue their purpose, birth their soul-project and impact the world.

What you’ll learn in the Mindfulness Masterclass: 

  • How to use a daily mindfulness to manage overwhelm, over-stimulation, comparisonitis, perfectionism, lack of self-confidence, so that you can get on with what you’re here to do in life!

  • What mindfulness is (attention without judgment but with compassion) and simple effective ways you can practice it every day to develop greater focus, clarity and calm energy .

  • What a mindfulness loop is and how it can help you break through distraction, procrastination so that you can make measurable progress with your goals.

  • What you need to set up a rudimentary mindfulness practice that’s going to rock your world and get you some results.  

Hope you enjoy!

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