Preview Call ~ Your Inner CEO likes to have fun!

Your Inner CEO is an expert decision-maker and also loves to have fun and PLAY!

Are you a highly sensitive woman entrepreneur who is meeting some resistance or block in getting your work out into the world or growing your business in a way that suits you?

Come join me on this Free Preview Call where we'll explore how your Inner CEO can help you re-connect more deeply with your purpose and acknowledge your unique gifts to build your business:

The Call took place on February 11th. Get the Recording by signing in below. 

Your Inner CEO has a very serious side but also lights up when your fun-loving and spontaneous side is allowed some expression.

Join the call to find out how you can access that playful part of yourself and "upgrade" your discernment and decision-making processes.

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Moving into greater JOY with your Inner CEO - Preview Call

I drew this simple flower to represent some of the different aspects of your life that you live and that are impacted by your daily decisions, habits, preferences, life circumstances and values. In the preview call I will be talking about how to begin moving into greater joy through an increased connection with the part of you I call your Inner CEO. The Call took place on February 11th, but you can get the recording by signing in above.