Connect With Your Inner CEO

Make Real, Measurable Progress.

You’ve got your plan all mapped out, you know where you want to go (at least kind of) and you have a set of milestones and actions steps all laid out in front of you.

Yet, why, why why aren’t you moving forward?

You may

  • Spinning your wheels because you've got too many decisions to make.
  • Following programs for your business development and still not getting the results you want.
  • Feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelemd with all you have to do.
  • Procrastinating or getting easily distracted. It should be simple to focus, but for somehow it's not easy!
  • Getting discouraged, wanting to give up.

If any of the above are true for you, it’s likely you’re hitting the Resistance Zone.

We’ll look at some of the reasons you may be in this Resistance Zone, but the bottom line is that if you don’t tackle what’s going on, you won’t get ahead!

Visualize an iceberg. Most of the iceberg is beneath the water. Only the very tip is visible above water and so it looks like it’s quite small. Just like with the iceberg, there’s a LOT going on beneath the surface for you.

Most programs give you action-steps and prescriptions to move forward. They offer blueprints of how to make your business successful, how to best manage your time, what strategies to use to get clients or achieve your goals.

This is all well and good, however, if it’s resistance that’s happening, those programs may not be what you need right now.

Your unique gifts, your heart’s desire and your vision are found here. It’s really important to access and align with those as well as to work through the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

But what if all that GOODNESS is hiding deep within you? You know it's there but you can't seem to get it out and SHOW IT TO THE WORLD?

Who is Your Inner CEO?

Your Inner CEO is the center of executive decision-making and includes the part fo you that envisions and "dreams the dream" of your heart and soul that motivates you forward.

It also includes the part of you that strategizes and makes crucial and impactful decisions to move forward.

To make real progress, it's essential to line up your day to day plans and strategies with who you are as a person (your unique gifts, values, and purpose) as that's where your motivation lives.

We all experience blocks and fears that get in the way of that inner connection and it's vital that you identify those and find ways to work through them!

You likely know all the tasks you should be doing. In this course (connecting with your Inner CEO), we;ll take the plunge and explore what's going on beneath the surface. 

Top three Reasons you get stuck in the Resistance Zone:

#3 You’re following prescriptions for action or blueprints that are not aligned with your authentic gifts and highly sensitive nature.

#2 You lack clarity around your message and have not found your authentic voice.

#1 You are hiding you and afraid of being visible or being seen.

Being successful in your porject or venture requires that you make yourself and your work visible to the world.

On the one hand, you know you’re competent and skilled at what you do. Your clients experience great results, you’ve developed confidence around what you offer and yet when it comes to promoting yourself, something keeps you playing small, undermining yourself and hiding out. You’re the best kept secret in town.

"I am filled with appreciation for how quickly and concretely Gabrielle was able to support and help me."

"Gabrielle's passion for helping women to 'honour their sensitivity and bring their gifts into the world' is just beautiful and quite unique. What is more, she's developed the perfect skills to do just that."

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D., Oral historian and Video-biographer, Founder, Big Tree Life Stories

TRUTH: Doing this on your own is exhausting...

If you’re highly sensitive following a pre-subscribed formula or blueprint will not likely work for you as you need to work from the inside out while honouring and nurturing your authentic gifts and nature.

  • You turn in circles, finding it hard to make good decisions
  • You can't prioritize and get confused about what to work on next
  • You don't have a clear perspective of your situation
  • You get discouraged and overwhelmed, lose motivation or get burnt out

It’s not about learning more skills or taking another “how to” program. It’s about diving inward and getting some guidance through the maze.

Every successful woman entrepreneur I know who's overcome crippling visibility issues and allowed herself to shine in her business, was only able to do this by addressing and healing the specific inner issues that were keeping her safe and hidden.

Let me be your guide and provide you with a safe container where you’ll break through the blocks that hold you back from really sharing who you are and your work with the world so that you can get to work with the clients that need you. 

"Only from the Heart can you touch the Sky" Rumi

The Bridge between your creative inspiration and its outward expression.

The initial spark of inspiration The initial spark of inspiration
The Bridge is the structure and support you need to get to the other side The Bridge is the structure and support you need to get to the other side
Your Inner CEO guides you to concrete action and expression of that original spark or inspiration Your Inner CEO guides you to concrete action and expression of that original spark or inspiration

Discover the missing links so that you can make the journey to the other side of the bridge

Connect With Your Inner CEO will help you to:

  • Clarify and identify your blocks and fears that keep you stuck
  • Identify where you want to go
  • Claim your Unique Gifts as a highly sensitive entrepreneur
  • Create strategies to work through resistance and gain momentum in your business
  • Develop a clear action plan forward

"Things began to open up and shift for me. I feel more empowered and more energetic. I’m finding my voice and I allow myself to be seen and heard as well as to be creative."

Working with Gabrielle gave me the courage, confidence and feeling of safety to start believing in the possibility of offering my work to the world. I recently accepted two opportunities to speak and I felt that I spoke from a place of power and had something valuable to share. I felt solid and calm. I was able to connect with my centre, that place of power (my inner CEO) in order to be able to articulate my thoughts and share my feelings with the group.”

Kerry Bray, Healer, Transformative Coach

What's Included in the Connect With Your Inner CEO Program:

Module 1:

Identifying your Unique Gifts and purpose. Exploring  your deeper calling and dreams in the realm of possibility and how that shows up in your life and business.

Together, we'll identify your vision and tap into the energy of your purpose as well as what's holding you back and where you're encountering blocks. You will begin to gain clarity around how your personal gifts that propel you forward!

60-minute teaching call (mp3 of of audio provided)

60-minute Private coaching call

Module 2:

Uncovering the blocks that hold you back and strategies to break through them.

60-minute teaching call (mp3 provided).

60-minute Private Coaching call.

In this call we'll zero in on where you are now and your specific opportunitiesm challenges and the gifts that will help you thrive. We'll also explore strategies to help you take vital action steps forward to get unstuck and gain momentum.


Private Coaching Program includes:

  • 2 60-minute Group Teaching Calls
  • 2 60-minute Private Teaching/Coaching Calls

Investment: $ 247  Early-Bird: $ 197 Early-Bird Bonus: Heal Your Money Story (value $127)

The Program will help you to:

  • Basic tools to connect with your highest executive, decision-making part of you (inner guidance plus practical, common-sense decison-making).
  • Gain clarity around the direction you want/need to go and next steps.
  • Strategies adapted to you and where you are now on your path.
  • Assignments and practices to help you access your purpose and recognize the resistance and fears that hold you back.

Early-Bird Pricing and Bonuses

Sign-up for the course before Tuesday, August 2nd to receive the bonus. Now until August 2nd, Special Early-Bird Bonus: Healing Your Money Story (Value of $147)

Before August 2nd, Early Bird Investment for Private Coaching Level: $197 (save $100 off the regular tuition of $297)

"The result was immediate and empowering.  The guided visual meditations and one-on-one sessions enabled me to unlock the closed doors that were holding me back."

"Gabrielle’s genuine, compassionate and skillful coaching led me to greater understanding of the personal issues that were keeping me away from attaining my goal. She created a safe space which gave me the trust I needed to be able to share deep seated concerns and issues. The result was immediate and empowering. I ended the study with clearer self- awareness and now I am writing - have written 4 poems and am working on 2 short stories! I feel connected and whole."
Barb Horwood Elliot, Writer

Note from Gabrielle:

Dear Beautiful you! I see you as a highly Sensitive soul. I'm one too. It's not always easy being sensitive as an entrepreneur. But it can be amazing, fulfilling, and profitable. So from my heart to yours, here's what I've found to work.