What are the Benefits of Coaching?

Coaching is often about opening up to greater horizons. What are the "smaller stores" of your life that have perhaps dominated your landscape for too long. Are you ready to let go of that smaller version of yourself and explore a larger and expansive possibilities for yourself, for your business? The benefits of coaching are many and I mention only a few here.

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Seeing your struggles as a Sensitive Soul Leader in a new light

You’re a sensitive soul and heart-centered entrepreneur and as you grow your business, you are encountering some roadblocks, some challenges bringing your work out into the world. Are you struggling at getting your business off the ground, getting clients in the door, getting your message out to the world, developing effective marketing strategies, breaking through your issues around visibility?

I know that I’ve struggled with all of the above and sometimes it can just feel like you’re hitting a wall! You might be asking yourself “what the heck did I get myself into?”

Do you need some help to break through this struggle? I’m glad you asked because did you know that before you can develop specific strategies to deal each particular problem, you need to find some clarity through all the confusion these difficulties are creating in your life and business.

I’m inviting you to see begin to see your struggles in a new light and in doing so you will find new pathways and forward which will open up an exciting world of possibility for you and your business.

Your Struggles are an Initiation that call you to Greater Version of Yourself!

When you begin to see the roadblocks you encounter within the larger context of your journey, you can begin to understand them as challenges calling you to grow!

So, yes there is a way forward and it may not be the one you had in mind but it might be just so much better!

What if the old ways of solving a problem no longer works for you and that this very challenging situation is calling you to a deeper knowledge of yourself and an inner transformation? Did you ever think that to finding your way through your struggles requires that you step into a new version of yourself?

As Einstein’s famous quote goes:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it,”

Coaching as a Reflection

Have you ever gone to a familiar place or and noticed something totally new? That happens when we perceive and "old situation" through new eyes. Receiving wise and focused feedback from a coach can provide you with just this kind of "reflective" experience. An "aha moment" occurs in which a whole new way of approaching a situation opens itself up before you!

In this photo in which the sky and trees is reflected upon the still water's surface. However, we do not always notice the reflection of sky when passing by water.  It requires, firstly that the water be still and secondly that we view it from a particular angle. Thirdly, we need to be paying attention to notice the reflection as the camera picks it up! When you work with a coach, ways of perceiving that you may never have perceived may all of a sudden be reflected back to you!

Have you reached your Full Potential?

What is your full potential? Do you know it or have you explored all the possibilities? Perhaps you have a dream that is living inside of you have a burning desire to bring it into 3 D reality? Do you wish to touch the sky or plant deep roots into the Earth? Coaching is an excellent way of exploring all of these questions and moving ahead with practical strategies and next steps to realize your potential and your dreams!

Your coach can hold you accountable to continuing to take steps towards fulfilling your potential. Sometimes, this can be invaluable when we are facing our fears or resistance and find ways to avoid moving forward.